More and more often, we can see small puppies wandering the streets, scared not to be attacked by anyone. These tiny, intelligent creatures who have been abandoned by their owners are continually following passersby on the street in the hope that they will be housed.

These innocent poor animals look desperately into the eyes of every human being, hoping to find the right owner who will give them true love.

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Dogs are one of the smartest creatures who are staying friends for life and, without them life is incomplete. People who have them in their homes exactly know what true happiness means.

These empathetic creatures are our treasure, and we should always give them the attention they deserve.

Some time ago, a video appeared where a small puppy was trapped in the bushes and did not want to go out of fear. The poor little puppy hiding in the darkness of the people did not have enough trust to come out.

It was rejected on the streets because the family did not like it, so they decided to leave it alone, no matter what could happen on the streets.

The woman who left the little puppy received it as a gift, so because she didn’t like it, she let him go on the street. The little sweet puppy, despite the woman’s refusal, still got it to hope for him forever home filled with love and care.

Thanks to the Hope For Paws organization, the puppy ended up in safe hands. After receiving a call about the abandoned puppy, they immediately went to the place where the sweet and lonely puppy was hiding.

In the dark hole where he was entangled with bushes, he slowly extended his head towards the good volunteers who were giving him food.

After they managed to save the puppy, they took him to the vet and bathed him, while the microchip showed that the puppy had been abandoned by a woman who had received it as a gift.

The puppy, named Fox, is now looking for a new owner who will give him the love he needs and will never leavе.

Watch the video below.

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