Everybody needs a best friend in life. We all need friends who will love us and support us no matter what. Imagine a friendship between a tiger and a puppy? Well, there is.

This doesn’t apply just to humans. Animals also need friends to help them survive. Nature always finds a way to surprise us with its variety, and the countless cases of unusual interspecies friendships will make you smile.

Some animals even may adopt behaviors of other species. For example, the story of a Bengal tiger cub named Hunter and German Pointer puppy Chelsea is one of the cutest friendships that you have ever seen!

Although they aren’t the same species, they don’t let their differences get in their way. Anthea Michaletos is taking care of Hunter and Chelsea, who are currently staying in Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria South Africa.

The tiger cub and the puppy are born just three weeks apart.
Hunter was born at the Farm Inn Wildlife. Unfortunately, the cub’s mother began showing aggressive behavior towards him, so they had to take him away from her. According to Anthea, Hunter was born at a time when his mother felt compromised in some way.

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Local breeders and joint owners of the Matotoland Kennel, Francois vd Walt, and Jacob Cilliers sold the tiger cub to the sanctuary. According to Fransoa, the friendship is unusual, but it’s good that Hunter made a friend, even if it’s a German Pointer.

The two animals immediately became best friends. Anthea said that it’s very helpful for the little cub to have a friend that he can play with. He was the only cub in his litter, so it’s very important for him to have a buddy.

Whenever the two friends aren’t together, both of them are sad. Both of them are very young, so they love to play around with each other. Once Hunter reaches the age of 6 months, he will have to be taken away from Chelsea in order to protect her.

According to Anthea, six months is more than enough for friends to enjoy their companion. They may start to play too hard.

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