The pandemic punched all of us very seriously and separated from our friends. We missed them every single day, so in order not to forget them, we often used virtual conversations to create groups on social networks.

As the turbulent wave of the coronavirus slowly clears, we all somehow feel motivated and grateful for the lives and people we have next to us.

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Budweiser has released a new ad for the pandemic and quarantine COVID-19. The ad, titled “Reunited With Buds,” featured friends returning together as restrictions on social distancing across the country dwindled.

The video (shown above) is with Queen’s song “Don’t stop me now” and shows Clydesdales pushing the door of the barn and heading for the city running. His sweet friend Labordor, who also appears in the video, follows him, although he is much slower.

Eventually, a group of Clydesdales teamed up with the beautiful little Labrador and they headed together to the field running. The video ends with the marking line “We can’t wait to see our buds. But when we do, let’s do it safely.”

Monica Rustgi, who was Budweiser ‘s vice president of marketing, said the beloved duo symbolized the joy of reuniting with friends after so much time spent in the lookdown.

She added that the beautiful duo of Labrador and Clydesdales spread joy and the purpose of this ad was to celebrate their reunion after a few months of separation.

As the whole country slowly began to open up and share this same excitement of rapprochement, they wanted to remind people that they must safely unite with the buds, following state and local guidelines.

Budweiser’s attractive ad has garnered a million positive reviews and it was not the first time a cute Labrador puppy had appeared in their ad.

The ad that was popular in 2014 with the title “Puppy Love” can be viewed below.

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