The pup is the only creature on earth that would love you more than itself. It is an honest being that is attached to people and justifiably says that a dog is the best friend you can have.

Only a dog will wait for you for hours on the doorstep and rejoice at your arrival without questioning where you have been. It feels when you are sad or sick, then it will carefully sit on your lap, wanting to reduce your pain or sadness.

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Do you sometimes feel that the dog just “understands” you? Both humans and dogs seem to respond to emotional sounds. When your dog hears that you are crying or laughing, the response in their brain is similar to that in humans. They interpret your crying as the barking of another dog.

Although you think your puppy is the smartest, animal psychologists believe that most dogs are as smart as a two-year-old.

Dogs are always in the mood for long walks and keep your company because they are happiest when they are out with you.

No matter how long you are away from home, you can count on your dog to miss you. It will always be waiting for you at the doorstep and will hardly wait for you to come back.

That’s what Rebecca Ehalt discovered on YouTube when she returned home after working in Slovenia for two years. Her beloved Schnauzer Casey fainted from the pure joy she saw again!

Casey left the family a little worried, so they took her to the vet to check on her condition. After checking the puppy, the vet said everything was fine.

The cute puppy left the whole public amazed by her reaction, the little creature happily jumped on Rebecca who could hardly wait for her to arrive.

Puppies are our most loyal friends who unconditionally love us and never forget us.

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