Puppies are sweet creatures who love attention and dedication because they are our guardian angels. Besides guarding our home, they are our most loyal friends without whom we cannot live.

A German shepherd who froze to death after being chained in extremely cold weather managed to escape. Rescuers who found the poor puppy called it a puppy miracle.

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Caesar was rescued last year after he nearly froze outside in Kansas City. He arrived at the shelter unable to walk and was malnourished in a comatose state.

His front teeth were worn out by chewing on the chain, his vision was damaged and his feet were injured. He was later diagnosed with cancer. But Caesar took all his battles and became a champion.

When Caesar’s owner first reported to Kansas City Pet Project a few days before Christmas 2016, he told them the dog was a stray. But Nancy Campbell found out the truth with the German Shepherd in Missouri.

Caesar’s owner first lied, saying he was a tramp. He then claimed that he had been missing for a month and then said that he did not know what to do with him.

It took Caesar months to overcome his many health problems. He was so severe that he could not walk, so he received special sessions for hydrotherapy.

After the puppy was neutralized, the veterinarians discovered lumps of cancer, but after four months of chemotherapy, Caesar managed to save himself.

The poor hero, who has never seen toys before, the animal welfare center has managed to raise donations to buy Caesar the necessary things. The puppy was very happy and after the chemotherapy, he managed to put on 15 kilograms.

After his rescue, Caesar was accompanied by a wonderful foster family who loved him dearly. He enjoyed a morning coffee talk with his adopted mother, who says he is very well behaved and a quick student.

After the cancer fight, donations were needed to cover Caesar’s treatment.

Check out the video below.

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