A stray dog walked in a cruel coyote trap and suffered for several days until rescuers came to help her.

Hermione lived in a forest for a year. Even though animal control and local rescuers tried to rescue her, she always managed to run away. Hope For Paws went to South Carolina to help catch the dog.

Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar started searching for Hermione and found her in a day. However,  every time they coaxed her over, she got scared and escaped.

Soon, the rescuers asked a few friends for help to catch Hermione and their efforts finally paid off!

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Unfortunately, her paw was severely damaged because of the trap and they thought she would lose her leg.

First, Loreta and Eldad made sure that Hermione can travel. Then, they drove for three days straight to take her back to California. She was immediately taken to a vet specialist who really tried to save her leg.

After numerous surgeries and many months of medical care, they were ready to see if Hermione’s paw healed. Surprisingly, the dog made a very miraculous recovery!

You can watch Hermione’s full story in the video below.

Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization located in Los Angeles, California. The organization was founded in 2008 by Eldad and his Audrey.

They are rescuing cats, dogs, and other animals facing danger or death through abandonment or abuse. So far, they have saved hundreds of animals from the streets.

Since this is a non-profit organization, they mostly rely on donations. If you want to donate, visit their website.

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