Dogs are so smart and empathetic that everyone would want them around. In our presence and even when we are not at home, they can be incredibly funny doing new and interesting things every day.

More and more often on the Internet, we come across funny shots of pets that distract us and make our day flawless.

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People who keep pets are the happiest because they know that there will always be someone to greet them, even when they are living alone.

The beautiful sweet puppies are amazing friends who receive our orders and even our emotions very quickly.

In many studies we can see that dogs suffer from the same diseases as us humans, they are involved in many experiments and even police investigations.

Today, more and more companies are allowing their employees to bring their pets to work if there is no one to keep them at home and of course if they are well trained. Such companies are commendable because they are really big animal lovers.

Jobs thus become more attractive because they allow employees to carry pets – as long as they are well trained and can behave well.

And it turns out to be a great idea around because dogs can enjoy human company all day long.

A cute dog seemed to show its natural side. And it was all captured on camera for the rest of us to see. While working with his owner, the security camera captured the whole scene.

You see a white dog wandering around the guard’s office. At the time, the man’s job, it turned out, was to keep an eye on the building’s surveillance cameras – something that requires tons of focus and attention.

When the dog sees its owner working hard while also looking down, the dog immediately goes over to him to cheer him up.

The dog can be seen pushing a rolling chair towards the owner’s desk using its paws. He approaches and then climbs to sit next to the man. Isn’t it too cute?

Check out the video below.

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