Dogs are pets with many amazing qualities. These four-legged creatures have many wonderful traits that we can all learn a lesson from, including kindness and loyalty.

Dogs can show their kindness to their loved ones and to total strangers as well, including other animal species.

The selflessness of dogs was recently caught on camera. In a very heartwarming video, a dog decided to put his life at risk in order to save a cat’s life.

Despite the fact that cats and dogs are enemies, this video shows that they can be friends as well. We often think that these animal species can’t get along when the reality is different. This heroic dog recently jumped into the water and risked his own life in order to save a cat from drowning.

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Even though we actually don’t know the exact origins of the video, it is still amazing to watch it.

In the footage, we can see that this grey and white cat is drowning in the water. It’s obvious that the poor cat doesn’t know how to swim and it clearly needs help before it’s too late.

Just as the feline starts losing hope, something unexpected happens. The drowning kitty was lucky enough to get rescued by an unexpected paw.

When the dog saw the drowning cat, he immediately jumped into the water and risked his life in order to rescue the feline. Then, the dog allowed the wet kitty to climb onto his back before he brought her to safety. Watch the heartwarming rescue below:

Who said dogs and cats can’t get along? This heroic canine proved the opposite by risking his own life to save a feline.

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