Sometimes we want to leave our pets and let them run around freely so they can better explore the places. Like us, they want to get out of the house and feel the fresh air outside. Some of them who do not know the environment can easily get lost and do not come back. So on a remote island in Vancouver where a dog that had been found missing for three months was fortunately found alive.

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While friends Matty Johnson and Zach Regan were surfing and fishing, they spotted the dog on the shore near the Juan de Fuca trail on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They were near Magdalena Point in their boat when they noticed a movement near the caves on land.

Regan told CTV News that as they passed the caves, they saw something moving and immediately thought it was an animal.

After noticing the little animal, they decided to approach the shore and explore. When they arrived on the sand, they realized that it was a dog, which was trapped in a cave near the area of ​​rough terrain right in front of the popular hiking trail. Reagan said it was clear the dog could not get out of the cave and as a result was stuck on the small shore.

When Johnson and Regan realized there were no other people nearby, they took themselves to rescue the puppy. Johnson got into his clothes and grabbed his surfboard to paddle in the cave. With some consolation, he managed to get the dog to enter the board and then swim back to the boat with her. Reagan helped lift her on the plane and noticed that she was incredibly weak and just lay in the boat.

After the two friends successfully rescued the puppy, they all went back to civilization together. When they arrived on land, they fed the dog and bathed her. Then, they tried to unite the owners with Animals Missing or REAM for help.

Leslie Steeves, the founder of REAM, was shocked to learn of the terrifying rescue of the dog in amazement that the puppy had survived so long in such an environment.

Starting the search for the owners, Steeves appeared on CTV News to share the story. Fortunately for everyone involved, within one day of the news broadcast, they received the call they had hoped for. It turned out that the dog’s name was Stella, and its owners saw the news section about her survival.

They filled Steeves with the story, explaining that she ‘joined them on their honeymoon when she disappeared. They were hiking with Stella and their other dogs when she disappeared into the area. They spent a week looking for her but eventually had to return home without her. They were overjoyed to learn that she was still alive.

We hoping that there would be many more rescuers like Johnson and Regan who would conquer the world with good deeds.

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