Dogs are those adorable creatures who keep our backs constantly, they nurture us with their soft hugs and show us how safe we ​​are just by their side and how much love they can give us that lasts forever without any doubt.

Long walks with them mean freedom, endless love, and amazing feeling. With these pets you have everything! Separating with them hurts, even for a moment, because they are those little beings that happily move their tails, waiting impatiently for us to arrive home and shower us with a million kisses. Keep them while you have them and be thankful that you have them because time passes quickly and one day they will be gone.

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Recently, the famous couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had to pass their beloved white shepherd Dolly together to rest. She died at home, surrounded by her whole family. The former couple gathered for her passing and the funeral service that followed.

Dolly entered Aniston’s life shortly after her divorce from Brad Pitt. She was a Mexican-born lifeguard, and Aniston named her after one of her idol, Dolly Parton. During a seven-year relationship with Aniston and Theroux and a two-and-a-half-year marriage, Dolly was not just an ordinary pet but an important part of their family.

The couple at the time adopted another dog, a black-and-white boxing band named Sophie, named for the movie Sophie’s Choice. Aniston reportedly had a difficult time choosing between three dogs that were available for adoption.

Theroux announced Dolly’s death on Instagram and, of course, friends and fans responded with kind words, love, and support. Courtney Cox, an actor, and friend in Aniston’s private life commented with a broken heart when she heard the news.

Dolly was resting at a beautiful ceremony attended by family and friends. The body was covered with beautiful flowers and wrapped in a cozy funeral blanket. The hands held close to her are thought to be those of Aniston and Theroux.

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