Dogfighting is illegal in all countries across the United States. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still ongoing and it’s estimated that over thousands of animals are involved.

Sadly, these animals suffer a lot in the hands of dog fight organizers and it’s beyond our ability to understand what these poor animals face in their lives.

When one woman from Philadelphia opened her front door 4 years ago, she found two starving dogs with swollen faces.

Looking at the state of the poor dogs, Tara Whitaker talked to animal rescuers who made her understand that the dogs had been used as bait in illegal dog fights.

These dogs are used as bait in order to test a fighting dog’s instincts or to train a dog to fight. These dogs can get really injured and make the trainer lots of money.

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Sadly, bait dogs are exposed to extreme cruelty. They are usually punished when they fight back.

Whitaker was with the dogs for 3 hours. She fed them and tried to gain their trust before Rescue Dogs Rock NYC arrived and took them to the shelter. The dogs were named Sweet Pea and Dizzy. Saly, both of them had several open wounds and were emaciated.

In a Facebook post, the shelter wrote that the bait dogs are thankful for being alive, but they still have a hard time trusting humans.

According to them, Sweet Pea was used for breeding because it’s obvious that she had multiple litters. But, it’s clear that Dizzy was used as a bait for the fighting dogs.

Soon after Sweet Pea arrived at the rescue shelter she found her forever home. Unfortunately, Dizzy was in a worse state than her and it took him a longer period of time to rehabilitate before he was ready to be adopted.

We are glad that these dogs will finally get the love and affection they deserve, after the torture they’ve experienced.

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