Very often we can see how the interest is growing in caring for the pets. According to several studies, we can see that dogs that are more time locked up at home need more physical activity, of how they can feel more energetic and healthier like us humans.

Many countries have begun to recognize the needs of animals. In addition to the organizations that assist in the whole process, the authorities are accepting proposals and implementing animal protection laws.

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Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner for German dog owners will introduce new legislation in the Dog Act to ensure people carry their animals for meaningful walks, rather than short trips around the neighborhood.

She said the law was based on evidence that many dogs in Germany do not get enough exercise every day, the Guardian reported. Ms.Klöckner added that it had been found that dogs needed more activity and contact with environmental stimuli daily.

She said dogs are not crap toys. They also have their own needs that need to be taken into account.

Under the new rules, it will no longer be legal for 9.4 million German dogs to be left alone for long periods.

Following this draft law, the environment commented with a series of comments, as there are always positive and negative opinions regarding the new regulations.

The announcement of the legislation this week has led many to question how the government can ensure the nation’s dog owners abide by these rules.

Bärbel Kleid, who owns a five-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, added that they thought he was patronized to tell them how long it would take to get the puppy out.

Christian Democrat MP Saskia Ludwig also claims that the recent heatwave means that dogs can’t be outside for such long periods.

On Twitter, she said that she will not take her Rhodesian Ridgeback on 32-degree heat, instead, they will jump into the river to freshen up.

The Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that local authorities across each German state will be responsible for the execution.

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