When Shannon Lorio decided to go for a drive after a fight with her husband, she didn’t know that the following events will change her life forever.

The woman from Georgia wanted to blow off some steam, so she went for a drive on a rural road known for having little traffic.

While she was driving, she lost control of the car. She was thrown through the window of her car during the crash and somehow ended up in a ditch on the roadside.

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Shannon was unconscious and wasn’t able to stand up. Then, a stray dog managed to wake her up with his hot breath on her face. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see a dog over her.

Fortunately, the woman regained her consciousness and a dragging sensation woke her up. The dog, which was later named Hero, was got the woman out of the car by dragging her by the jacket.

This incredible dog also dragged the injured woman almost 100 ft to the side of the road. Then, Shannon regained her strength and was able to stand up after she put her arms around the dog’s neck.

Then, Shannon stopped a passing car. The driver helped her by calling 911 and her husband.

Shannon was taken into a hospital where doctors found out that she had an intracranial hemorrhage. If this was left untreated, it could have killed her. If it wasn’t for the stray dog, Shannon wouldn’t have survived the car accident.

Sadly, Shannon couldn’t keep the German Shepherd who saved her life. However, Heidy Drawdy, who works as a dog research and rescue trainer, adopted Hero.

Now, Hero has a loving home and new owner that he deserves. Also, he can put his incredible skills to even more good use.

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