Firefighters from West Palm Beach, Florida were called to put out a wildfire that broke out near a homeless camp.

Gregg Gordon, the Fire Rescue Captain, together with his team, rushed to the place and found an injured dog who broke their hearts. The poor dog was tied to a tree and had severe burns all over his body. The firefighters grabbed the dog, who was clearly distressed.

The firefighters named the dog Smokey. One of them – Marcos Orozca cut the dog’s chain and immediately took him to a vet. Dr. Latimer immediately started treating Smokey’s injuries. The vet found out that the most severe burns were on the dog’s back and hind legs. Although Smokey needed intensive treatment and care, the vet believed he would make it.

When Smokey arrived at the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC), he was very anxious and scared. After a while, he became comfortable with the people who took care of him. The dog received a few blood transfusions and daily medical baths. His bandages were changed every day as well.

After a few weeks, the firefighters who saved Smokey paid him a visit. Then, Gordon made a decision to become his foster parent while he was recovering. When the captain took him home, he introduced Smokey to his two other dogs. The dog was very happy to meet them.

After a week in his foster home, Smokey returned at the JPESC for a quick check-up. What happened there brought everyone in tears.

As soon as Dr. Latimer walked into the room, Smokey was really excited and started jumping around. He even gave the doctor a big hug and a few kisses. It’s obvious that Smokey knew that the vet who saved his life was in front of him.

Another vet, Dr. Katelyn Thomas who fell in love with Smokey, decided to adopt him!

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