Throughout life, we continually face injustices, but I understand all those obstacles as part of life that must be happening to make us braver, more resilient, and stronger.

The man who was sentenced to 40 years in prison Malcolm Alexander based in Louisiana was wrongly convicted of a crime he never committed in 1980. He spent the next 38 years in prison behind bars with maximum security.

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Despite spending his entire life unjustly in his cell, he had a strong belief that he would eventually be saved and that justice would come to light.

Fortunately, he was not completely alone. He had his dog, Inn, who helped him win the battle for false testimony.

Inn’s commitment to her father finally paid off two years ago when the prisoner was acquitted of all charges after proving his innocence.

In 1979, a white woman opened a new antique store in Grenaa, Louisiana, and was soon raped by a black man. He entered the store and grabbed her from behind, then forced her into a dark bathroom. There he held her away from him with a gun to the back of his head as he committed the horrific crime.

In another allegation by another woman that he was found to be lying, Malcolm’s photograph ended with a presentation of the rape victim with several others as part of the identification process.

Although it was recorded that she “temporarily” chose Malcolm’s picture as a “possible” match, until the moment of the trial, she said that she was 98% positive, that is Malcolm.

Malcolm was then wrongly convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The prisoner was sent to Louisiana State Prison to serve his shift. The Angola prison has a history as a plantation that was later turned into the maximum security “prison farm” it is now. Arriving before all those decades, Malcolm claims to be innocent of the crime every day.

Fortunately, the Innocence Project believes in Malcolm and started working to prove its innocence in 1996, but it will be 17 years before they take any action.

Fortunately, in the meantime, Malcolm met Inn and the dog was able to keep the prisoner’s ghosts in hopes of better days.

He named her Inn because she was innocent, Malcolm said in an interview for TODAY. Malcolm added that as a prisoner, he would have conversations with Inn and dreamed of the day when they would both be free.

That day finally came on January 30, 2018, when Malcolm was acquitted of all charges and he left the Angola institution, leaving his days as a prisoner behind for good.

Innocence Project staff were able to prove Malcolm’s innocence by uncovering evidence in a crime lab that Malcolm’s hair’s DNA did not belong to him or the victim who was raped, but that someone else had committed the crime.

Only a day after Malcolm was released, his puppy Inn, who was a strong supporter of him in prison, was also released. He now lives with his beloved Inn and his son Malcolm II, who is in his forties.

Malcolm said that Inn was his biggest support, and if she had not been by his side, he would not have endured the battle in prison.

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