Dogs are trained to keep the house safe and chase burglars away. They can easily become heroes when they rise up to the challenge.

A family who adopted a dog got really lucky. One week after the adoption, a burglar tried to break into the family’s garage while nobody was at home except the grandmother who witnessed everything. She saw how the dog managed to scare the burglar away. There’s no doubt that this brave dog turned out to be a heroine for defending her new home.

Most people have probably heard at least one story when a dog turned out to be the hero or heroine of the hour. Despite their courage and bravery, dogs can also be best friends who bring light and joy to people’s lives that others just can’t provide.

However, there are also working dogs who are heroes every day. These dogs can be rescue dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, etc. All of these types of jobs that these dogs can do are actually rigorous. In Italy, there is a group of rescue dogs who help the beach safety squad in providing safety for all beachgoers.

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There is a School for Lifeguard Dogs in Italy where dogs are trained to rescue people who are in trouble while in the water. Ferruccio Pilenga is the owner of this school and he has trained around 350 lifeguard dogs. It’s safe to say that all of these dogs can rescue people from the ocean.

In this video, a Newfoundland dog jumps from the helicopter in order to rescue swimmers below. This dog breed makes incredible water rescue dogs because they are strong swimmers.

Dogs once again prove they are incredible creatures who aren’t afraid to do anything, even jumping from a helicopter.

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