A home was destroyed on Wednesday after a lightning strike sparked a blaze that damaged the structure, according to the police. This unfortunate weather even killed several pets inside the home.

The Manchester Township Police released a statement in which they said when officers came to the home at 318 Beckerville Road in the Whiting area of the town, the house was already on fire.

Even though the officers said that nobody was in the home at the time, there were numerous pets, authorities confirmed. Unfortunately, the several reptiles, two cats, and the bird that were inside were found dead.

Unfortunately, first responders couldn’t save the animals, but there weren’t any injuries to the the residents, police confirmed.

Firefighters from eight different departments responded and managed to extinguish the fire. The Red Cross Organization was able to find a temporary shelter for the family and get the necessary supplies for them as well.

The police and the Ocean County Fire Marshall’s Office are still investigating the fire, even though the cause was determined to be a lightning strike.

Several thunderstorms swept across the state and even brought heavy rains along with them. This weather left the poor family homeless and without their pets.

We are glad that the family isn’t injured at all, but we are sad about the loss of their home and lovely pets. We believe that if the family was at home when the fire broke out, they would have tried to save their pets.

Hopefully, they will be able to overcome this situation soon.

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