Police officers rescued a dog after it fell into a sewer. When Officer Lekamp and Corporal Jost of the North County Police Cooperative received a call on Monday, they were really surprised because it put them in a very difficult situation.

Sharon and Michael McClintock’s dog Miss Daisy Mae fell into the sewer right in front of their home. Sadly, she was stuck for a few hours. They were having workers at home to redo their floors.

After leaving the door open for the workers to come in, the 15-year-old dog who is blind and deaf got away. She walked down to the street, and fell into the sewer. Michael even thought the dog died when she fell.

When Officer Lekamp arrived at the house, he noticed that the McClintocks were distressed. Corporal Jost, who also arrived with Lekamp on the scene, came up with a plan to save the dog.

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One of the neighbors saw that Miss Daisy fell into the storm drain. When Lekamp and Jost opened the storm drain, they looked down and saw several footprints in the mud. After googling dachshund dog prints, they were sure that the prints belonged to Daisy and not a raccoon.

Then, the duo went on a mission to save the dog. Officer Jost climbed down the sewer few times in order to locate Miss Daisy. When he found out in which tunnel she was in, he and Jost created a tool by using a hook and an extender to pull the dog to safety.

Even though they had to lay inside the mud, they managed to rescue the dog.

The McClintocks were so thankful to the officers for saving their precious Daisy, they even started crying. The officers proved to be so kind, even if just for an animal.

Major Ron Martin of the NCPC said that officers face different challenges every day. He praised Jost and Lekamp’s quick thinking and thanked them for saving the dog.

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