Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are the main heroes during the coronavirus pandemic. They are helping patients and risking their lives at the same time.

A therapy dog is now delivering Healing Hero kits to ICU nurses as a show of appreciation. What a beautiful gesture!

Loki is a 2-year-old Rottweiler from Maryland who works at the medical center. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the therapy dog is already popular with patients in Baltimore because she visited them 3 times a week. 

Caroline Benzel, Loki’s owner, currently studies at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She was accepted into the medical school when she got her dog.

Caroline wanted a therapy dog after her grandfather got sick and spent 4 weeks at the hospital. She said that he would lighten up every time he saw Loki.

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Numerous medical students were pulled out of school to fight against the virus, including Caroline. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take Loki to the hospital anymore. However, she managed to set Loki up to face time with nurses and patients.

During face time, Caroline saw that the medical staff started getting rashes and irritation from wearing protective equipment 24/7. So, she decided to help them and started making Healing Hero kits which included tea, lotion, chapstick, and other similar stuff.

Caroline started collecting donations and raised around 1,400 kits. She was surprised by the generosity of people and wants to distribute the kits to different hospitals. The medical student also managed to inspire other people from NJ, NC, Maryland, and Philadelphia to do something similar to help the medical staff.

Caroline and Loki are true heroes. Helping others is always a good idea. Also, it’s very important to make an extra effort during these difficult times.

May your giving hand never fail, Caroline!

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