Cats are very independent pets and love to go outside. Many cat owners allow their pets to freely roam around the neighborhood. Even if they don’t allow them to go outside, they may find a way out. Usually, cats return to their homes in a few hours.

However, one cat went missing for two weeks. The owners were searching for their lovely pet, but with no luck.

One day, Ruth and Richard Clarke were wandering around the streets of Salisbury. They spotted their cat named Frankie in the window of the Cancer Research charity shop.

The couple was surprised to see their missing cat in the shop. Richard said he was “flabbergasted” when he saw Frankie in the window. Ruth said that the cat was actually sitting on top of a missing poster they put through the shop’s letterbox.

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The couple believes that Frankie ran away through a small gap on the roof of the building and somehow fell into the shop.

Clarkes wanted to break him out, but they patiently waited outside the shop for a few hours. While they were waiting, the cat was rubbing his head against the window glass.

Then, someone from the shop came with a key and freed the cat. When the Clarkes went inside the shop, they noticed that Frankie didn’t make a mess, he just pulled some toys off a shelf to make himself a bed.

The couple was devastated after their 18-month-old cat went missing. As soon as they noticed he wasn’t at home, they immediately posted appeals on social media, put up posters, and even walked around the city streets searching for him.

In November, Frankie’s weight was 4.3kg. Now, he’s just 3.4kg. Although he is very thin, his health is just fine.

Cats are really unpredictable. You never know where you will find them!

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