Dogs are known to be lively creatures that bring a relaxed mood and happy faces in families and it is sad when they can no longer jump in the compound due to sickness. Families have reported that dogs help relieve stress, strengthen family bonds, and keep members of the family healthy. The diagnosis of Fred the golden retriever with a strong kennel cough made his family extremely concerned about his health.

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Fred continued to have a strong cough which made his family even more worried as he constantly had difficulties in breathing. The vet made a strong recommendation that the dog had to be put on a respirator to aid in breathing. Being a restless dog, Fred’s parents were concerned if he would accept to use the breathing mask. Fred is known to dominate every room in the house and jumps from every member of the household to the other.

In this photo, we see Fred lying restively on the chair as he is being hooked to a respirator. He does not struggle to remove the respirator and is lying cautiously so that he does not touch the respirator.

To the surprise of the family, the usually restless Fred became very cooperative. Fred quietly lay on the couch and rested his head on his favorite toy then he eventually dozed off as he was being hooked to the respirator. Someone may think that Fred, in addition to obeying the order of his mother, was also aware that the respirator would help his condition improve.

According to the Vet, Fred was required to be on the machine for a few weeks until his condition got better. Based on the early signs of cooperation, Fred was expected to be on the respirator because seemingly he knew it was a good aid against his cough.

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In this photo, Fred lying on the couch with his head tucked carefully on the toy as he seems to be dozing off. The head is carefully positioned so that he does not interfere with the respirator. Get well Soon Fred!