A man shot a little girl while she was dialing 911.

An 11-year-old girl and her dad were shot dead after testifying against the neighbor’s aggressive dog.

Ronald Delserro shot and killed Harper and her dad Guy Hansman in their home in Florida after they testified against his aggressive bull mastiff, police confirmed.

According to the Port St. Lucie PD, the murder stemmed from an incident on March 4 after Delserro’s dog named Roxy bit a woman who lived with Harper and Guy.

Delserro said that he he wasn’t at home when the attack happened. However, his wife saw the attack, but she wasn’t at home to explain to the police what happened.

A judge ruled that the dog was dangerous. After the court hearing, Delserro got armed himself with two handguns, went to his neighbors’ house, and started shooting.

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There were 6 people in the Hansman’s house at the time when Delserro opened fire. He shot the little girl who called 911 call.

When police officers arrived at the house, they exchanged fire with the suspect. They found the 11-year-old girl critically injured and tried to save her. Unfortunately, Harper died of her injuries at the hospital.

Guy’s body was found in the garage. The SWAT also arrived at their house and found Delserro dead in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It’s unknown whether Delserro was killed by authorities or he took his own life.

One of the officers was shot in the arm and the chest during the shootout. Fortunately, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Even though he was taken to a hospital, he was immediately released. Most of the officers who were involved in the shootout were placed on paid administrative leave.

On Tuesday, Port St. Lucie Animal Control arrived to take Roxy, Delserro’s dog.

According to the police, the dog was humanely euthanized after Delserro, called the Animal Control Office the day before, saying she wanted to surrender her dog since she was leaving town.

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