A woman was walking her dog when he started barking uncontrollably and she didn’t know what was wrong.

Charmaine Keevy was walking her dachshund Georgie when he noticed something was wrong and started barking uncontrollably. A few moments later, the dog owner was shocked when she found a lifeless baby in a storm drain. This happened in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

When he duo passed a storm drain, the wiener dog began to bark like a wild dog. At first, the woman thought a cat was stuck in the drain. However, she wanted to make sure so she went to check it out. Then, she discovered there wasn’t a cat, but a baby was crying for help.

Keevy immediately stopped a car and asked for help. Fortunately, a good citizen named Cornie Viljoen helped her right away.

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Fortunately, the man had a steel bar in his car and they used it to open the storm drain. Viljoen jumped in and he was immediately stung by several red ants.

Thankfully, the red ants didn’t touch the baby at all. While Viljoen approached the baby, he carefully picked it up.

Keevy called the emergency service so the little child could immediately receive medical treatment at a hospital.

The poor baby still had the umbilical cord attached. Doctors discovered that she was suffering from hypothermia and respiratory issues.

The only way that the baby could have ended up in the storm drain is that she was left there on purpose.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu asked witnesses and the mother of the baby to come forward.

Keevy is so grateful that her dog started barking. She’s also thankful to Viljoen who stopped his car to help her.

The baby was named Grace April. The hospital staff is hoping that a loving family will adopt her soon.

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