Genia Kay Meyer turned her backyard into a convalescent home this summer. She takes care for a downed calf named Cupcake and brings a bottle every morning to feed her.

When Meyer took the calf from her cousin, she was just five-weeks-old. Cupcake was born with crooked legs. Her back legs straightened up, but unfortunately her front legs didn’t.

Genia s husband, Tim, also helps in taking care of Cupcake. However, the nurse who spends most time with her is a puppy named Bo. Even though he’s less than a year old, he sure knows how to act as a true friend!

When Cupcake arrived at the Meyer’s home, they started feeding her with a bottle and Bo started licking up all the milk off her face, and didn’t want to leave her side.

Even though Bo was supposed to be Tim’s new cattle dog, his sickness prevented him from doing the job he was raised for. Tim needed help, but whenever he put Bo on the truck, the dog started getting sick.

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From the day Cupcake and Bo met, they became inseparable. Whenever she finishes a bottle, Bo is there for her and wipe her face. He even introduced her to solid food, but mainly he’s a companion who is very protective of her.

When Genia saw that Bo is very curious and interested in Cupcake, she was surprised. When Cupcake goes outside, the dog keeps her company. He loves to play and cuddle with her. Genia is working really hard with Cupcake’s legs and prays for a miracle.

She also took a few pictures of this unique friendship and shared them on social media. Many people fell in love with Cupcake and Bo.

Unfortunately, the future of Cupcake is still in doubt. So, the Meyer’s set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for an operation that might not even work.

If you’re interested in following this unique friendship, like Cupcake and Bo’s  Facebook page.

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