During the pandemic, we were all locked in our homes, there was no movement on the streets, and we did all the work from our homes. It must have been strange for the animals, so they decided to come to our place and investigate what was happening.

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We had the opportunity, on social media to see how dolphins visit the Venice canal, the videos that were published became viral and amazing to the audience.

But they were not the only ones who attract attention.

Some time ago, a man who was looking outside at his house while he was locked up at home due to coronavirus found out that a family of moose had decided to set up camp in his yard.

The man looked out of his window with excitement and noticed as a family of moose spent the day in his yard. After posting the photo, he wrote that the view from his office was better than someone else’s.

The group consisted of an adult moose and two calves, which found a nice place to rest on Roland’s lawn, next to its pots. They enjoyed their stay, and the kids looked like they wanted to lie in the sunlight.

They arrived at nine o’clock in the morning and remained in the yard all day.

Roland posted a photo on Facebook and wrote that it was normal for them the visit from moose and that they were enjoying the view while they were scattering the flower pots.

When people saw the photo, they fell in love with the look of these cute moose, although for Roland, it’s not uncommon to see them.

These photos are always pleasant and I believe we’ll have the opportunity to see as many as possible. The animals look so cute and we hope that we’ll have such a beautiful view from our window.

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