Deers enjoying themselves under cherry blossom trees in Japan were caught on camera. The pictures were recently taken at the Nara Park and later shared online.

The Japanese park is a popular destination for tourists. Many people who visit the park even pay just to take part in photoshoots with the incredible pink blossoms.

Unfortunately, like other tourist attractions around the world, Nara Park is also shut down and has fallen quiet. Although it just a short train ride from Osaka, the number of tourists have been decreased with the current health crisis.

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Since there are no people at the park, the Sika deers who are usually roaming the park can be seen laying around under the trees. I’m sure they have no idea what’s going on.

According to the website Japan Guide, the deer population in the park is around one thousand. These animals are seen as the ‘symbol of the city’ and considered as a natural treasure as well.

There are people who sell deer crackers in the park. Some deer are so clever they have even learned to bow to the visitors as a way of asking for food.

The deers at the park are usually tame. However, it’s not recommended to tease them with food because they can get aggressive.

According to the thousands of reviews on Tripadvisor, the park is full of friendly deers. However, one visitor described the deers as hungry and greedy. He pointed out that you should make sure to bow at them and they will bow back but only if you have food. The Nara Park has even earned the Certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor.

Lots of deers may run up to you, but don’t be fooled because they just want your biscuits! It’s fair enough of them.

We hope now that they are enjoying their deserved peace and quiet.

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