While some try to protect animals, others try to harm them. Sometimes humans tend to act more animal-like compared to dogs.

A lot of incidents are reported about people abusing their pets and other animals, but what goes around comes around. They say whatever energy or attitude you’re projecting out is the same that you are going to get back in return, and that’s true!

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Some people don’t understand the word “human” or how to act like that, they think that every bad behavior is just fun. So while not everyone believes in karma, when you see in action it’s hard to deny.

An unnamed man learned that lesson on the hard way after he decided to kick a harmless dog on the beach.
While the dog was quietly laying on the sand, the man got the idea of hurting it.

When he started running toward the dog as he jumped, the stray managed to escape the attack and it left the man falling. As the man stood up, he looked back and saw a bunch of dogs running angrily after him.

He runs faster than he could and managed to escape the dog, he dived into the sand towards the water, and the dogs stopped chasing him.

Maybe now he’ll think twice before channeling his negative energy onto a harmless animal, and we hope this will teach him not to hurt helpless animals ever again!

The video was posted on Reddit, while some are amazed by how the other dogs realized that a bully was before them and chased him together. Others showed pity towards the man, reasoning that there must’ve been something else that happened outside of the 15-second clip that was uploaded online.

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This video should be a reminder to everyone to always be kind.

Check the video for yourself.