After Splash was sent back to the shelter twice because of his energy, he is now finally saved and is in his forever home. His savior is Jon Hamm, who opened his heart and home to his new furry companion.

The Mad Man actor and an enthusiastic dog lover, 49, welcomed his new lifeguard Splash into life on Wednesday.

The Los Angeles-based non-profit organization I Stand with My Pack helped create the union after the dog was returned twice for its puppy energy and took to Instagram to post the thrilling news.

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They bless the actor for his work and are charmed that Splash will now live like in a fairy tale.

After the actor posted the cute photo, you can see him caressing his new pet in his yard, while he is sitting barefoot in black shorts and a black T-shirt.

The lawn could be seen strewn with Splash things while a four-month-old shepherd mix sat with its new owner in his forever home. The veteran actor looked too attached to his new golden pooch as he held his new buddy close and gave him a closed-mouth smile for the camera.

Hamm’s last dog was Cora, also a breed of a shepherd. The puppy was with Jon for 14 years before she passed away in 2017. The actor adopted her when he was with the actress Jennifer Westfield. The animal couple spotted the dog early in their relationship, Cora stayed with Jon for two years after they separated.

After Cora left Hamm at the age of 17, he told the New York Times that he was unable to be with his beloved puppy when it died because his flight was scheduled for 8 a.m. and she died shortly before he arrived. He added that she will stay in his heart forever.

Jon spoke openly about adopting pets and how it affected his life in such a positive way.

The actor who has always been an animal rescue advocate said that pets can bring a sense of love, pride, and many other wonderful things.

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