Last week, the RSPCA raided for the second time in five years. A pet store selling designer puppies in one of Perth’s most prestigious suburbs was linked to a puppy farm in New South Wales.

A covert investigation by the Oscar-winning animal rights group has uncovered a link between an Inverell puppy farm in northern New South Wales and Claremont puppies and pets.

Claremont Puppies and pets sold puppies, all of which are well cared for, for thousands of dollars.

The owner of the shop doesn’t deny that he got his dogs from the particular breeder, but said that he does not know about the bad conditions and does not think that the dogs were handled badly there.

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In 2015, New South Wales property was raided by the RSPCA, which handed over the investigation to a local council, which then brought hundreds of farming charges with three hundred unauthorized dogs for breeding in, as described, appalling conditions.

After the RSPCA began investigating, they learned that the farm catches remained problematic due to the negligence of the animals, they spoke to a former worker who was renamed Anna for identity reasons, and she confirmed that at least 300 dogs were kept on multiple estates.

Following the information received, the RSPCA raided two properties due to allegations of animal cruelty and breach of breeding codes. Former worker Anna added that the dogs were not healthy on the Inverell farm and that they were kept in poor conditions and even said that they had no care and would not allow her dog to sleep there.

The situation that mentioned about the dog Strawberry broke everyone’s hearts. The poor puppy after giving birth to 3 small puppies – the other three remained in her stomach. The sight was too horrible, it covered with flies the first time it was seen, and the smell was so bad it looked like death. The owner was not touched by the puppy’s suffering and he only mocked Strawberry’s suffering.

Anna said Strawberry had previously been bathed by another worker who found pieces of dead puppies, along with maggots, in her vagina and mouth.

After Strawberry died two boxing puppies were sold to the owner of the pet store Mr. Finkelstein, he was asked by the RSPCA if he was aware of the fact that the dogs on that farm were being bred illegally. He said he was not familiar with such a thing and thought they were healthy and had the care they needed.

WA Parliament is currently considering a proposed Dog Adjustment Act (Stop Breeding Puppies) for 2020, which calls for detailed breeding records and to force pet stores to stop selling puppies and move on of the adoption model.

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