In Bangkok, there is a cafe where a dozen fluffballs on stubby legs greet you, and they shake hands with their paws spinning around. When customers come, they jump around and greet them playfully.

This sweet marvel happened in 2018 when Tanchanok Kanawaong received a surprise litter of puppies that came out much bigger than she expected.

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The cafe currently houses 13 corgis, the popularity of which has been growing among Tahi dog lovers due to their pink-poly construction and almost unmistakable ability to make people laugh.

Tanchanok was a huge fan of big dogs and used to keep a golden retriever and up to ten Siberian huskies, when they grew old and died she wanted to take a dog that would have similar characteristics to these two breeds, so she decided to adopt a baby boy Corgi.

After adopting the little puppy, she didn’t even think about another one, so she took five that soon became 12. She never thought she would run her cafe, but the puppies gave her an idea to do something new and interesting where puppy lovers would have the opportunity to hang out with them while drinking their coffee.

In 2019, the family was blessed with the 13th member Marmalade, a cute, smart, and charming little girl with three colors.

People like coffee because customers start smiling as soon as they meet the funny corgi. It seems that all puppies enjoy the attention. Not to mention the endless flow of treats during the day!

Coffee (and corgi) worked six days a week. 12.00 to 18.00 on Tuesday – Friday and 10.00 – 18:00 on Saturday – Sunday. Each day, the café organized a one-hour session for 50 customers (22 tables) to meet puppies that cost about $ 11 per person.

Who wouldn’t want such a unique cafe with these wonderful corgis that beautify every moment of the customers?

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