We are all witnesses that some commercials are boring and have no special point, especially when we’re watching something interesting and they suddenly appear.

But we cannot say the same for an ad about the small donkey who wants to be Clydesdale. This video gives us a clear picture of life. How many times we are tried to make something different in life? How many times did we lose hope for something that we cannot achieve?

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Nothing is impossible when you believe

This little donkey is a real example of how to be strong and persistent and never give up. At some moment everything seems hard and impossible or everyone else seems better than you. But can you imagine that you are the small donkey with great vision who can make something big, something different?

We are living in a period where we are continually talking about motivation, taking risks, making the world a better place for living, and here we are, this commercial can give us a big picture of how to make big steps.

It shows the life of a little donkey that wants to be part of the group of beautiful Clydesdales.

He will do anything to be one of the horses, that involves practicing the elegant walking and putting some hair extensions.
The tiny donkey explains that entire life he has been practicing pulling that the Clydesdales do.

After that, the donkey appears on stage to show up his dream role

Finally, he met the horses for an interview. When they asked him what makes him think he can be one of them, the music builds up for the donkey’s reply. It was a long, heavy sound that goes on for a few seconds.

All of the Clydesdales were excited from the scream of the donkey and finally, he becomes one of them.

If you want to hear his answer check the video below. You’re gonna love it!

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