Have you ever considered taking your pet to work? Many companies that strive for rapid progress also care about employee benefits.

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People started cycling to their workplaces a long time ago, so the companies accepted that trend and made bicycle parking for employees.

Due to the long stay at work, some of the companies accepted free days for mothers, so what’s next? Will they do any benefit to employees who have pets?

But before we know it, I’ll share a story with you.

A tricycle driver took his dog to work, and placed it in the area where the people were riding, the puppy was too happy in the vehicle.

Arlene was amazed when she saw the puppy Pretzel inside the bicycle, with a bucket of ice behind it to keep it cool despite the hot weather.

The little sweet puppy was the pet of the tricycle driver’s son, he had to take this adorable creature with him to work because there was no one to keep him at home.

Shortly afterward, Arlene had to share a photo of the beautiful puppy on Facebook.

She photographed the little creature sitting in the tricycle and wrote that despite the bad things happening around her, Pretzel had made her day and that everyone should look for something positive every day.

She was also very happy that Pretzel has a family like a tricycle driver and that she was surrounded by a lot of love.

I am very blessed that there are people like the tricycle driver, I would like to have them around as much as possible. These people shine our day, and make us love and care for animals.

This story motivates us to change for the better and to learn that there are things we should be happy about.

Be good and good things will happen!

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