Relationships aren’t always easy. When a couple decides to move in together, it means that the relationship is getting serious. However, what happens if there are problems that a couple can’t solve before moving in together?

For instance, take this couple. The girlfriend gave the guy an ultimatum.

Although she really loved her boyfriend and wanted to move in with him. However, she didn’t like his Beagle dog, Molly. In fact, she hated the dog so much that she made him choose between her or Molly. Someone might say it’s a tough choice, but not this guy.

He immediately knew what to do, so he posted his problem on Craigslist. He wrote that his girlfriend doesn’t like his dog, Molly, so she has to be rehomed.

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He continued to explain that she comes from a wealthy area and is a purebred. He had her for around 4 years. Although she likes to play games, she isn’t really trained. He also noted that she has long hair and nails, so she is a high maintenance girl.

While the man was working, she was sleeping or eating the most expensive food. However, she never greeted him at the door or even when he showered her with love and kisses. Although she doesn’t bite, she can be really mean.

The post doesn’t end in a way that so many people expected. They weren’t surprised by the choice he made, but because he ended the post asking for someone who will be interested in  his “30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend.” He also pointed out that he and Molly don’t want her in their home, so she needs to be rehomed as soon as possible.

We think that this guy made the right call. Who would ask someone to dump their dog just like that? His girlfriend got what she really deserved.

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