Adopting someone in need is a normal thing. There are many stories showing how adopting someone is a natural thing.

There are some animal species in the world that are known for collecting orphaned babies. For example, the Common Merganser Duck is known for taking the small ducklings under their wing. Recently, 76 ducklings were following their adoptive mother across the lake. Fortunately, the adorable moment was caught on camera so all of us can enjoy it.

 Brent Cizek is a wildlife photographer from Northern Minnesota. Recently, he bought a small boat and decided to go up to Lake Bemidji, Minnesota, and take a few pictures of the amazing nature and wildlife.

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However, when he arrived at the lake, the weather wasn’t very promising. It was very windy and there were fierce waves in the lake, making the boat rock from side to side. It was a sign that mother nature was warning him to pack all of his stuff and go home.

As Cizek was heading back to the docks, he saw a female Common Merganser. According to the name, it’s not an unusual sighting. Yet, the sighting was rare and extraordinary because a long trail of ducklings followed her.

Usually, ducks have a few ducklings behind them, but this particular duck had around 76. Cizek believes that the mommy duck collected her unusually large brood, from orphaned ducklings as she gathered along the way.

We praise this wonderful mommy duck for caring about the ducklings as if she gave birth to them. We hope they will arrive at their destination safely. All of us should look up to this duck mom!

You can watch the video of the 76 cute little ducklings following their adoptive mother across the lake below.

This amazing and inspiring story will brighten the rest of your week for sure!

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