Can you imagine that someone tied a dog to a giant rock and threw him in water? Happily an amazing woman noticed this drowning dog!

Animal cruelty is always heartbreaking, even for those who witness it. Sadly, it happens too often. People who hurt animals may even hurt humans as well.

Recently, one woman who was walking along her usual daily route saw something horrible. Jane Harper was walking her dog along River Trent in Nottinghamshire, England when she noticed a drowning dog in trouble. She saw the dog in the river, and the dog’s leash was tied to a rock. The poor dog was purposefully left behind to drown.

This makes you think how someone could possibly be so evil, Jane was absolutely stunned when she saw the dog lying lifeless in the river. She was concerned that the dog was already dead, but when she moved closer she saw that the dog blinked.

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Fortunately, Jane was accompanied by her friend Joanne. She even held Jane’s dog while she checked on the dog stuck in the river.

It became clear to Jane that this was a case of abuse and not an accident. The dog had a leash that was tied to a large rock, meaning that this was a despicable act of animal abuse.

Fortunately, Jane quickly took the leash off and she moved it to dry ground. The dog had her head rested on another rock so she survived somehow.

More people started to show up, and some of them even brought towels to keep the dog warm. Once the dog was relatively stable, she was immediately taken to the vet’s office.

The dog had a microchip in, so it didn’t take much time for the police to identify the horrible owners who were later arrested.

The microchip also revealed that the dog’s name is Bella.

The Nottinghamshire Police department was shocked after they realized that someone could do something so cruel to an animal.

Although Bella was lifeless when Jane found her, she will make a full recovery. Ever since she was rescued she is doing so much better.



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