An African-American man politely asked a woman to put a leash on her dog in Central Park, as we previously reported. There are many signs that indicate all dogs must be on a leash. The woman got angry and said that she will call the police because the man was threatening her. However, that is not entirely true.

The woman is Amy Cooper who earned a new nickname Central Park Karen after the bitter exchange was caught on camera.

Christian Cooper was the bird watcher whose video of the woman calling 911 claiming that the African-American man was threatening her life. However, he said that he doesn’t want to be included in her prosecution.

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Amy Cooper’s rant received more than 100 million times on social media. Christian, who is a Manhattan resident and member of the New York City Audubon Society, said that the woman already suffered enough. She was publicly shamed and even lost her job after her racist rant was shared on social media.

Christian is a kind man who thinks of other people’s feelings. Even though Amy treated him really badly, he thinks she already paid for her mistakes. He doesn’t want to bring her more misery. So, he said that if the DA will pursue any charges against her, he doesn’t want to be a part of it.

On Monday, the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance released a statement. He confirmed that he initiated the prosecution of Amy Cooper for Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree. His office will update the public with additional information about the case.

It remains unknown whether Christian’s non-cooperation will have on Amy’s case.

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