A family had to make a tough decision and surrender their two dogs at an animal shelter because they couldn’t afford to take care of them anymore.

When Toby and his brother AJ arrived at Carson Animal Shelter the two dogs didn’t know their family will leave them.

The two dogs were happy until they were separated and realized they were away from everything they knew. Instead of being home, they were now in a cold kennel surrounded by strangers.

The shelter explained that the two dogs were doing great while they were walking on a leash next to each other. At the same time, they were confused because they missed their family and home. The shelter also started an online campaign to save the two dogs.

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AJ was very sad and scared after being separated from his brother, he even sobbed in his cold kennel. The shelter staff caught AJ’s crying on video, hoping that it would soon capture someone’s attention.

After the video was shared online, it immediately went viral. The community immediately took the problem into their own hands and in order to save AJ and Toby from euthanasia.

AJ’s tears were replaced with a happy wagging tail when he was taken away from the shelter. His rescuers took a video while he was walking out of the shelter.

A different rescue is working to save Toby and the shelter was hoping that the brothers will soon be reunited because both of them were very depressed since they were separated.

That is exactly what happened. One family adopted AJ and soon they decided to adopt Toby as well!

Even though the start of their story was sad, they had a happy ending! We are so glad that many people put their efforts to rescue the dogs and refused to give up on AJ and Toby!

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