Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. But, if that’s true, then why do they act like this?

Dogs can sometimes really push your buttons and they can make you laugh and cry at the same time. However, everyone loves these amazing creatures anyway. Most people even consider their dogs like their kids.

Recently, one dog owner who really loves his role as a pet parent decided to make sure that his dog, Stella, is safe all the time. Keeping her safe wasn’t always easy because the dog is very mischievous. She likes giving her dad a hard time and forces him to deal with her escapes from the yard.

So, he came up with an idea to built a high fence in order to prevent Stella from running away. He was scared that something would happen to her because she was running on the street and around the neighborhood.

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He built the wooden fence around the yard. His accomplishment made him so proud, he even made a video of the fence and wanted to post it on social media. Then, something unexpected happened.

While he was admiring his masterpiece and recording a video of the fence, Stella showed that nothing can stop her from going on new adventures, not even a silly fence.

In the video, the owner noted that he had just built the fence when Stella decided to run and jump over it. So much from keeping her from running away!

All the hard work went down the drain. We believe this dog owner laughed and cried at the same time but he also realized that he loves his dog very much no matter what she does.

Hopefully, he will build another fence that will actually prevent Stella from embarking on new adventures!

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