Once veterans return to their home country, they may experience difficulties while adjusting to the life they previously had. Unfortunately, some of them experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and need service dogs to help them cope with the new situation they are trapped in. PTSD can happen many years after experiencing a traumatic event.

Willie Williams is a veteran who previously served in the Vietnam war. Currently, he is 73 years old and is staying the Freedom’s Path on the Chillicothe VA Medical Center campus in Ohio. Sadly, this place turned out that it’s not pet friendly.

Not so long ago, Williams received an anonymous letter that changed his life completely. The person who wrote the letter used some harsh words and he was asked to move out because they will no longer tolerate him.

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The story doesn’t end here. After the letter, even the campus authorities wrote him an official letter in which they gave him an ultimatum to choose between his apartment or his service dog Diamond.

It appears that someone saw the dog walking inside the campus without a leash. However, Williams said that it happened just once.

The veteran is struggling with isolation, loneliness, and depression, so Diamond is his only friend right now. It’s hard for him to imagine his life without his furry companion.

Since Williams couldn’t see a way out from this hopeless situation, he decided to turn to the media for help. However, the campus’ lawyer was straightforward and told him until he gets rid of the dog, he can no longer stay on the campus.

Williams doesn’t plan to abandon his dog, so he will be facing homelessness in the weeks to come.

Let’s find a way to help this veteran. He and his dog Diamond need to receive fair treatment!

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