Firefighters in Grande Prairie, Alberta, accidentally stumbled across the dog when they responded to a strange call. A regional firefighter with Grand Prairie Regional Fire Service spotted the dog – but the dog’s location required a full rescue operation because it was three-quarters of the way down an 80-meter cliff.

The lost puppy, which was detected hiding poorly on the edge of a cliff, was rescued by a dedicated organization of firefighters. Rescuers had to travel 90 minutes to reach the place where the puppy was.

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In a video released by Grand Prairie County, one of the dog’s rescuers, Travis Skrepnek, explained that he had descended about 60 meters below the gorge and above the rock gorge to reach the puppy.

When Skrepnek arrived at the exhausted dog, he said he was very happy to see it and the puppy was quite tired, adding that fortunately he was a very good co-worker and could be said that they succeed the operation.

The crews equipped an improvised tape to properly secure the dog and attach it to safety. Instead of pulling it, they lowered the dog down to a boat waiting below the river.


The lost dog disappeared on August 7, 2019, and was found 92 miles away. After firefighters safely rescued the puppy and alerted him to his rescue on social media, his family saw them. When the family saw that their puppy had been found and rescued, they were overjoyed to see him return.

In a statement, Grand Prairie Regional Fire Chief Dan Verdun said they were very happy to have returned the lost dog home. Grande Prairie County was delighted that such a happy reunion had taken place with Toby’s return to his family.

Toby’s owner also had a moment to openly bless those who were involved in saving Toby.

This inspiring video has delighted the entire public, and we want to candidly thank these brave firefighters who saved the little innocent creature.

Watch the video below.

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