In California, fires are raging all year round, not just during hot summers. Firefighters are always working hard & tirelessly to put the blazes under control.

Being a firefighter is not an easy job. In fact, it has taken a toll on firefighters’ mental health. We often forget first responders and other emergency service providers can experience a lot of emotional exhaustion amongst other things. Someone thought of an idea of how to help them during these tough times.

Now, the firefighters have an adorable little golden retriever named Kerith to provide them comfort. She is a licensed therapy dog who has been helping the firefighters in Northern California’s Marin County for a year.

Heidi Carmen, Kerith’s owner, said that the golden retriever doesn’t know what’s happening in the world, she doesn’t know there are fires or there is a global pandemic. Kerith just wants to see her friends and make their day happier.

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One of the firefighters even pointed out that this dog made their base camp the best one yet. In case you didn’t believe it before, dogs can have such an impact on others.

Kerith became a very important part of the battle against the forest fires by bringing comfort and happiness to the firefighters. Her work is so essential that Carmen even decided to start a GoFundMe campaign and help with Kerith’s expenses and transportation.

Carmen explained that Kerith’s major role is to provide comfort to the first responders and cuddles which are perfect for stress relief. While at her job, the golden retriever managed to create bonds with the firefighters who feel loved after spending time with her. The dog is also helping those who are suffering from PTSD.

Besides making a positive impact on peoples’ mental health, Kerith can provide physical health benefits as well. She releases hormones that help to improve the mood, lower anxiety, and even reduce stress.

Another thing that Carmen pointed out is that her golden retriever helps in breaking down the stigmas about mental health that surround first responders. If you want to follow her adventures with the firefighters make sure you follow her Instagram account  @kerith_the_golden_retriever.

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