Labrador Retriever was created for true friendship and pure, sincere love! It was not conceived, Labrador was bred for hunting, but nature did its thing and the intentions of the breeders ended in a breed that is ideal for the family, creating the Labrador as the most popular family breed of dog in the world.

They love to move, run and play, and are willing to be with you on the go all day. After the walk, he may be too dirty because they are explorers looking for hidden places, but that is no excuse to limit itself to walks, it will love you more than anything in the world. The problem is eliminated simply by using a damp towel.

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Do you have small children at home? If you have, only then will you understand that Labrador is the right choice for your family. He is an unsurpassed friend of children, flexible and tolerant of them, attached and because of that a child of 8-10 years can walk him without worrying that he will run away.

Keeping a Labrador is a pleasure, but there are some things to keep in mind. The first, and foremost, is that you have to walk around and watch out for food. No one eats as fast and as much as a Labrador and is therefore prone to obesity which is detrimental to health and mobility. He has triple hairs, so walking in the snow, in winter or after rain is not a problem for him, he tolerates it all well and is not prone to diseases that many other types of dogs suffer from.

Thus, some time ago, the golden retriever Lucy almost won the English record for a Labrador litter of 14 puppies. To her great surprise, she managed to give birth to 13 black puppies, even though her owner thought she would be able to give birth to only four puppies.

Owner Catherine Smith, 37, was thrilled when the puppies kept coming after three-year-old Lucy gave birth. Lucy, a golden Labrador, who was mated with an eight-year-old black lab, Bastion gave birth to eight dogs and five puppies that were sold within three weeks.

The gold-plated Labrador had the first four puppies in just 20 minutes, and then they just showed up. It all started at 11:50 am and ended at 4:30 am.

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