When we clean the house, we all want to get rid of the old things that we do not use or think that they do not bring us good energy.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that some people are throwing their pets into trash cans instead of objects. These monstrous acts endanger everyone who loves animals.

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These attempts to kill animals should not go unpunished. Apart from choosing a horrible act, it is best to report the pet online where people who want to can house them.

A woman from Pennsylvania chose to leave her dog and throw it in a container when she started moving with her boyfriend. The story is unbelievable for most animal lovers.

When Nicole Baker decided that her dog Mia was not part of her plans for a new life with her boyfriend, she decided to throw her away.

She literally put her lovely dog in a garbage bag and tied it up like garbage. She then inadvertently threw the bag in a trash can and left Mia in the trash. Mia was left to die of a slow and horrible death.

Although Baker’s friends regularly offered to take Mia when she disappeared, the inhuman woman assured them that there was no need.

This was the most tragic moment where the dog was left to die of starvation or suffocation unless it was extremely happy to survive.

The poor Mia got Nathan Bean, the man who worked for the local sanitation service, and found the dog that is fighting for its life just in time.

Nathan was shocked by the sight and did not expect to see such a thing.

After the rescue operation, the Humane Society of Westmoreland County took the abandoned dog and made sure to notify local authorities to take appropriate measures to identify the former puppy owner.

The undersized puppy saddened the staff at the shelter and after a while, she began to regain her weight steadily.

She also got a new name! She became known as Fawna because she entered a new, more fulfilling life.

After recovering, she was adopted by Megan, and together they began a new life, leaving behind the trauma of the past.

Ms. Baker was arraigned in court on charges of monstrous conduct. She paid a fine of $ 620 and was banned from adopting a dog in Pennsylvania in the future.

Watch the video below.

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